Month: February 2017

Shuffling Music


some of my CD collection

I used to buy music, I even worked in music retail (1988 to 1991) selling music. Now, I don’t know when was the last time I actually bought any music, maybe 5 years ago. On my phone, I have 577 songs, all have been downloaded from YouTube. I usually listen on “shuffle” which can make for interesting combinations serendipitously.


the last six tunes shuffled into my ears

I find some of the music I used to like, bores me now (of the few tunes I removed from the device were Magnum and Bow Wow Wow).

I have favourited 19 tunes, these might not be my favourite songs but I just really enjoyed listening them, when they shuffled through.



faves-3he jury is still out!

I wasn’t able to download every tune I wanted from Youtube for technical reasons, also some of the songs on my phone, I have just to see if I will like them like Foo Fighters and Mudhoney (the jury is still out). I also find I’m not too knowledgeable of post 2000 songs, so I’m sure to be missing a lot of good songs from recent times.

Just some musings on music.

Bakuriani 2017

This might become an annual trip, last year we visited Bakuriani (A Trip to Bakuriani ) and this year too.


Bakuriani 2017akuriani

Bakuriani is one of three Georgian ski resorts (the others are Gudauri and Mestia). We left Tbilisi on Friday morning  with some of Khato’s colleagues and 3 children, in a Mitsubishi Delica dependably driven by Dato.  I don’t ski, but I can still enjoy the snowy landscape of Bakuriani.

We took Ana, our granddaughter; Bakuriani has a park with numerous activities, Ana liked being flung into the air on an aero-bungy maxi trampoline thingy…


Ana in the air

Bakuriani has three ski lifts, last year we went up to the first level, this year we went to the top for the inevitable photo opportunity.


Group photo


at the top

Back in Bakuriani, Ana had a lot of fun descending a small slope on a snow sled.


We had fun walking in the snow, breathing the fresh mountain air and taking lots of wintry photos.

On the return to Tbilisi on Sunday, we made a detour to visit Zedazeni Monastery, located on the Zedazeni mountain in the hills of Saguramo overlooking Tbilisi. The monastery dates back to the 6th century.


Zedazeni Monastery

It was a pleasant break, a chance to see some snowy vistas and have some rest, away from the daily hustle and bustle.