Shuffling Music


some of my CD collection

I used to buy music, I even worked in music retail (1988 to 1991) selling music. Now, I don’t know when was the last time I actually bought any music, maybe 5 years ago. On my phone, I have 577 songs, all have been downloaded from YouTube. I usually listen on “shuffle” which can make for interesting combinations serendipitously.


the last six tunes shuffled into my ears

I find some of the music I used to like, bores me now (of the few tunes I removed from the device were Magnum and Bow Wow Wow).

I have favourited 19 tunes, these might not be my favourite songs but I just really enjoyed listening them, when they shuffled through.



faves-3he jury is still out!

I wasn’t able to download every tune I wanted from Youtube for technical reasons, also some of the songs on my phone, I have just to see if I will like them like Foo Fighters and Mudhoney (the jury is still out). I also find I’m not too knowledgeable of post 2000 songs, so I’m sure to be missing a lot of good songs from recent times.

Just some musings on music.

Please comment, all comments gratefully received

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