Extreme Sports


In my dream, I was windsurfing in the waves with some friends, they were making jumps but I couldn’t. As the dream continued I grew more confident and seeing waves combine, I was finally able to make a big jump.

Windsurfing is the only “extreme” sport, I have tried. Although I have never been out in extreme winds. I first tried in Australia in February 1988 at Frankston beach near Melbourne, it wasn’t a great success because although the waves were good the wind wasn’t, so I spent most of the time fishing my sail out of the water. Fifteen years later, I took a short Windsurfing course on a lake at  Lower Moor near Worcester.  The lake was quite shallow, and going to the centre felt like going on holiday, even if it were just for a couple of hours out of my daily schedule.

I also tried windsurfing in the sea at the resort of Bitez near Bodrum in Turkey. Although I can boast I have been windsurfing on three continents, my skills are very rudimentary. I would like to find somewhere around Tbilisi to try again…but not in January (brrrr). If you can swim 500m, I would recommend you give windsurfing a try, it is great fun.

This is this only photo, I can find of me windsurfing, unfortunately I can’t upload the photos I take in my dreams. I wonder if one day that will be possible.

This is me windsurfing at Bitez

This is me windsurfing at Bitez (June 2004)