Month: September 2016

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

The challenge this week is Nostalgia


Ana playing with Lego

Playing Lego with my granddaughter gives me a feeling of nostalgia, for a time when I played with Lego as a child. Lego has a greater variety of colours and specialised pieces these days but the building principles haven’t changed.

Sunday in the Village

“Sopelshi” (in the village) is a word I hear a lot. Many of the residents of Tbilisi have a village in the country, where they rest and have their roots. My wife’s mother came from a small village near Gori and some of her relatives are still there. In early autumn there is an abundance of fruit: tomatoes, apples, plums, pumpkins, grapes etc… ready for picking. We are driven out of Tbilisi by Khato’s brother for a day in the  village.


Aunt Gulo’s yard, a hen wandering about

In the village even lunch is a feast.




Married to Khato, I am now part of a big Georgian family

Georgian tomato fields; the tomatoes might not look as attractive as the intensively farmed Turkish tomatoes in the supermarkets, but the taste is far superior.

In the evening we have a supra with barbecue. Eating a lot of local produce, washed down with homemade wine from local grapes and the inevitable Georgian toasts to everyone and everything.

After the supra we head back to Tbilisi, just over an hour away.


sunset in the village


Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror

For this week’s challenge Mirror (click on the link to see other interpretations), I submit two photos of reflective surfaces found here in Tbilisi (capital of Georgia)


St George reflected

On a clear sunny day in Tavisuplebis Moedani (Tbilisi), the monument of St George is reflected in the rear window and shiny boot of a Mercedes.



The bridge over the Mtkvari river reflected in the mirror like waters.