Month: January 2017

Weekly Photo Challenge: Repurpose

“Show us something that you’ve recycled or repurposed, or an object for which you’ve discovered a clever new use.” states the challenge.

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bicycle repurposed as decoration

I didn’t do this, I just saw it and took the photo….

Weekly Photo Challenge : Ambience: The Georgian Supra

This week’s challenge is Ambience.
The Georgian Supra has a particular ambience, where family and friends gather around a table laden with food, make toasts and eat well.

The ‘supra’ is a traditional and extravagant Georgian meal, held on all big occasions and the backbone of Georgian culture.

Though the specifics vary depending on the host and the company present, many elements of a supra are always the same. The traditional leader of the supra is the Tamada, or toastmaster, who leads the toasts. This person is as vital to the supra as the supra is to Georgian culture, because supras revolve entirely around toasts, which can stretch out to several minutes in length. The Tamada always opens with a toast to Sakartvelo (Georgia, in Georgian) and then one to God, and then generally one to the most honoured people in the room, the guests.

Another element of the supra is the food and wine, which keeps on flowing. The wine is usually homemade and the jugs will be frequently topped up. Georgians claim to have invented wine , an element of their culture they are extremely proud of. In Soviet days Georgia (along with Moldova) supplied the wine for the whole Soviet Union.

If it’s a proper supra, the attendees will leave tipsy and full, in both body and spirit. They will feel camaraderie with the other people around the table, a connection after all the toasts, wine, songs, food, and conversation. New relationships will have been forged, new memories created.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resilient

This week’s challenge is Resilient

Here in Georgia we see a lot of Soviet cars from the seventies and eighties still in daily use. They maybe a bit rough around the edges but they have lasted longer than a lot of western kit, which was twice the price at the time.


Izh Kombi


This Izh Kombi (ИЖ-2125 Комби) has some dents and rust but it is still going, it is resilient. When the Kombi first appeared in 1972, its five door hatchback design was unusual, the style was only preceded by the Renault 16 and Austin Maxi, now 5 door hatchbacks are commonplace.