გალაკტიონ ტაბიძე Galaktion Tabidze. როგორ თოვს!

I am still trying to learn Georgian. Some months ago I learnt Tabidze’s poem “ქარი კჰრის” by heart. Revisiting the poem of 10 lines. I find I have forgotten a lot.

ქარი ჰქრის, ქარი ჰქრის, კარი ჰქრის,
ფოთლები მიჰქრიან ქარდაქარ…
ხეთა რიგს, ხეთა ჯარს, ხეთა ხრის,
სადა ხარ, სადა ხარ, სადა ხარ?
როგორ წვიმს, როგორ თოვს, როგორ თოვს,
ვერ გპოვებ ვერასდროს … ვერასდროს
შენი მე სახება დამდევს თან
ყოველ დროს, ყოველთვის, ყოველგან!..
შორი ცა ნისლიან ფიქრებს სწრის..
ქარი ჰქრის, ქარი ჰქრის, კარი ჰქრის!

Galaktion Tabidze: Poems

Galaktion Tabidze: Poems

If we put that into Google Translate, we come out with:

Hkris wind, wind hkris, door hkris,
Leaves mihkrian kardakar …
Rows of trees, trees army, trees bows his head,
Where are you, where are you, where are you?
How rains snows, how it snows,
Gpoveb could never … never
I put it in your prototype
Each time, always, always it is! ..
From a distance, the sky overcast stsris thoughts ..
Hkris wind, wind hkris, door hkris!

This as you see doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Innes Merabshvili translates the title as “Whirls the Wind”

I was inspired to revisit the poem because of the words “როგორ თოვს” (How it snows!)

Today was the first snow of the winter in Tbilisi, it is usually February that has the snow.

როგორ თოვს

როგორ თოვს

Yesterday, I went to the theatre with my wife and two granddaughters Ana(6) and Elene (2), Elene wouldn’t stop crying so Khato took her home. I was left with Ana watching a Georgian play, of which to my shame I understood very little. At the interval, I thought the play had ended and was looking for the exit, when Ana explained it was just a break.