Geographic Audience

I studied geography at university many aeons ago. It fascinates me to see where this blog is getting the most views. Unsurprisingly the top 3 are USA, Georgia (where I live) and UK (where I was born). But UAE at #7 and Russia at #8=, I find more surprising.


blog views by country 2016

Thank you to all my viewers and followers, I hope you like what you see and look forward to any comments you might make.

The Hunt for Red Trousers


One of my Facebook friends, Andrew McFall, set up a group “Chez Pantalon Rouge“, the purpose of which was to post pictures of people wearing red trousers. What started as a bit of fun took off, lots of us became quasi-obsessed, taking and posting photos. The intended target was middle aged men wearing the offending article, but photos were posted of all kinds of people wearing red trousers. The group now has 710 members. Rich pickings can be found in Canterbury, Germany, Edinburgh and other sartorially-challenged locales. Here in Tbilisi men wearing red trousers are rare but women wearing red trousers are quite common.

The photos can be a bit blurry, snapped quickly, as I don’t want to be caught and having to explain this strange obsession. More embarrassing is when the flash goes off, having inadvertently forgotten to turn it off. Candid street photography has a long and esteemed history (many great French photographers like Doisneau and Brassai took memorable images but being in black and white, we couldn t enjoy their shots of le pantalon rouge). Now, however, street photography is coming under scrutiny in this increasingly litigious age. In theory there should be no restrictions taking members of the public in a public place. Privacy laws, however, vary from country to country. I sometimes worry about this being an excuse for my inner creep.



I started blogging one month ago. It seems quite addictive. I have created 24 posts here and a further 12 posts on a second blog devoted to my  diecast collecting hobby:

173 views on the main blog, 56 views on the diecast blog.

I wonder whether I should “go premium” at a cost of $99/year.

The main blog has been viewed in 8 countries:

  1. USA                   62
  2. Georgia            47
  3. UK                      36
  4. Phillippines  12
  5. New Zealand 6
  6. Guam                  4
  7. Czech Rep        4
  8. Germany            1

The diecast blog has been viewed in ten countries:

  1. USA                     25
  2. Philippines      14
  3. Guam                     3
  4. UK                          2
  5. Georgia                2
  6. New Zealand    1
  7. France                  1
  8. Saudi Arabia     1
  9. India                      1
  10. Colombia            1

Quite a diverse geographical range, no viewers from Canada or Australia yet.

To all my viewers I would like to say “hello, bonjour, გარმაჯობა, hola, namaste, salaam, ahoj…etc…” Please feel free to comment, I’m still new to this blogging milieu.


The view from the window this morning, sunrise over Varketili (Tbilisi, Georgia).