You Tube : educational potential

YouTube isn’t just about funny cat videos, Gangnam style and Charlie Bit My Finger. It also has a lot of educational videos, for just about anything you want to learn, you can find a YouTube video to show you how. The quality of the teaching is a bit hit and miss, it’s a good idea to look at the number of views, likes and dislikes before starting.

Last night I had a little time, so I looked at a clip showing how to draw a Porsche.

I have drawn several Porsches over the years, but not following any instruction.

I was quite pleased with the result, I might try some more.

My drawing of a Porsche 911

My drawing of a Porsche 911

I have also found some Georgian lessons by Peace Corps Georgia, which help me learning a difficult language, but a video is no substitute for a real live teacher for language learning.