I started blogging one month ago. It seems quite addictive. I have created 24 posts here and a further 12 posts on a second blog devoted to my  diecast collecting hobby: jimholroyd365d.wordpress.com

173 views on the main blog, 56 views on the diecast blog.

I wonder whether I should “go premium” at a cost of $99/year.

The main blog has been viewed in 8 countries:

  1. USA                   62
  2. Georgia            47
  3. UK                      36
  4. Phillippines  12
  5. New Zealand 6
  6. Guam                  4
  7. Czech Rep        4
  8. Germany            1

The diecast blog has been viewed in ten countries:

  1. USA                     25
  2. Philippines      14
  3. Guam                     3
  4. UK                          2
  5. Georgia                2
  6. New Zealand    1
  7. France                  1
  8. Saudi Arabia     1
  9. India                      1
  10. Colombia            1

Quite a diverse geographical range, no viewers from Canada or Australia yet.

To all my viewers I would like to say “hello, bonjour, გარმაჯობა, hola, namaste, salaam, ahoj…etc…” Please feel free to comment, I’m still new to this blogging milieu.


The view from the window this morning, sunrise over Varketili (Tbilisi, Georgia).





My dream last night

My dream last night: In a box of diecast cars I found a Matchbox Cadillac Cien. Going around what maybe a museum of toys, I hear the song “Down Down” by Status Quo, I bend down to play air guitar and knock over a teenage boy in a group of four boys, I then worry the group will come after me…

ImageI keep meaning to write more dreams down, but when I do the fragments I recall aren’t particularly interesting and I’m frustrated at not recalling the whole dream… the photo is of a Hot Wheels Cadillac Cien in front of Kashueti Church (Tbilisi), as far as I know Matchbox have never made one.
I hope to have more interesting dreams to retell in the future.