Weekly Photo Challenge: Relax

I have put together three images of relaxing.

Firstly, here we have a biker relaxing.


biker relaxing

This week’s challenge is Relax (click the link for other interpretations).

Secondly, an old photo from a couple of summers ago of three old men relaxing in the waves at Qobuleti on the Black Sea Coast.

Old men and the Sea

The Old Men and The Sea

Finally, a dog and his pup relaxing on the stone steps of an old church.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Magic

A photograph itself is a kind of Magic. In its simplest form, it captures a moment gone and preserves a place and time unchanged on its two-dimensional plane. The mechanics of that alone are an astounding feat, where the goal is the image produced and the subject is clearly framed and readily recognised.


magic fountain

The image, I have selected for the challenge uses some AI trickery. I took a photo of the fountain in Pushkin Square, Tbilisi and transmogrified it using Prisma, an app on my phone, which sends the image to the Prisma servers and returns the image altered in a chosen style in around 5 seconds…all very clever, all slightly magical….the “filter” or style I chose is called “electric”.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Chaos

This week’s challenge is Chaos
Here are a couple of images from today’s rush hour in Tbilisi. The first of Station Square metro, the only station where two metro lines meet in Tbilisi and the second a view from a bus stuck on a bridge in a traffic jam looking at another traffic jam on the bank of the Mtkvari river.



View from a bus stuck in one traffic jam of another traffic jam

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transmogrify

This week’s challenge comes form a term employed by Bill Waterson in the epic Calvin and Hobbes strip:Transmogrify (for more information and other interpretations click on the link).

Calvin transmogrified into a creepy crawly to gross Susie out, I prefer the transmogrification of the leaves in Autumn.

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf becomes a flower.” – Albert Camus