The traveller always wants home to be as it was.” (from The Passion by Jeanette Waterson).

I was born in London.

I grew up in Slough.
In the eighties, when I went to Australia, my parents moved to Shropshire.
In the nineties, when I went to France, I returned to witness my parents move to Worcester. Now I’m in Georgia and my parents have died in York.

My Georgian friends are surprised I have no ancestral home, no home in England, they usually have a place “in the village” somewhere. I have no village, my wife has no village home, either, her late father sold his plot of land several years ago. We are merely renting our third flat in the capital “Tbilisi”.


  1. Home is an interesting concept, isn’t it, Jim. I’ve had different homes for different phases of life, childhood, teens, my twenties was rather nomadic, then married with kids, now empty nesters. But I too do not have an ancestral home.

    1. Home is a button I press on the computer, but as for being a geographical place, that “home” now eludes me…I should make my new home here in Tbilisi with my Georgian family.

  2. A wanderer then:) The great thing about bring a wanderer is where you go, home goes:) Last week I mentioned to someone that I feel like I have no roots and I got a funny look. They didn’t get it. I am much like you. .there is a place and a name but no roots..

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