Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse


The current challenge asks: “So what’s your muse — what subject do you turn to frequently, more inspired each time?” Strangely my inspiration comes from my daily journeys, commuting on the metro, descending the escalators of various metro stations. I like the symmetry, the sense of motion and the slightly naughty idea of taking photos in forbidden places. (In Tbilisi taking photos on the metro is forbidden).


Muse Today 26 June 2015

I find I have entered lots of photos of descending the metro escalators into these weekly photo challenges.

Descending deep into the Tbilisi Metro

Descending deep into the Tbilisi Metro

Metro Escalator

Metro Escalator


A cropped version of this is the background for my blog title.

converging lines...Metro escalator descent

converging lines…Metro escalator descent


  1. A funny thing happened when I closed this page; the images disappeared first, leaving only the captions and for a brief second I thought I had missed a poem at the bottom of your page about decending into the Metro…

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