Film Review: The Lego Movie

I have been a fan of Lego since a small child. This 3 D movie conveys the story of a Lego figure called Emmet and seemed at times to just be one giant Lego advertisement (product placement to the limit). I watched this film with my wife and my granddaughter Ana at Rustaveli Cinema dubbed in Georgian.


Ana with the poster for the Lego Movie

I could marvel at the amazing Legoland vistas but some of the smart cracking, which made my Georgian wife laugh passed me by.

Emmet the central character, a run of the mill figure is joined by a mixed group of Lego figures, who want to preserve free form Lego construction from the evil grips of President Business, who wishes to stifle creativity with instruction manuals and glue. Emmet’s team includes a kick ass female called Wyldstyle, Batman, cryptic wizard Vitruvius , an astronaut and a cat with a unicorn like horn (a uni-cat?).

Here is the trailer (in English), to give you a taste of the visual aspect of the film.

The film’s look has a certain Lego “clunkiness” as one may expect – the result of ensuring that every aspect of the landscape looks like it was assembled using a gazillion  Lego pieces. When water floods a compartment, it’s one stud Lego water. When fire erupts, it’s “Lego fire.” The goosestep marching of President Business’ minions has a Lego clunkiness.

The schizoid bad cop/good cop character is my favourite, his head spins from good to bad cop at will, delightful and funny.

Some of the film may be a little scary for a five year old, but Ana enjoyed it.

It is a  joyful, joke-filled parable about the joy of making stuff especially Lego stuff, the power of imagination and the pursuit of specialness, everything pretty much is awesome.  Early in the film, Emmet gets in his one person Lego car, turns on the radio and hears a song, “Everything is Awesome.” It’s meant to be a big  joke, an ironic stab at conformity in a place where being mindlessly happy is mandatory.

Maybe now I should get the Lego out and have a play.


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