Weekly Photo Challenge “Victory”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Victory.”

"Pobeda" = Victory

“Pobeda” = Victory

The Soviet car in the picture is called a “Pobeda”, the Russian word for “Victory”.  Originally intended to be called Rodina (Homeland), the name Pobeda (Victory) was a back-up, but was preferred by Stalin.

GAZ M20 "Pobeda"

GAZ M20 “Pobeda”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Symmetry.”

Symmet try


Dry Bridge over the Mtkvari River in Tbilisi. The bridge is roughly 160 years old, and it was designed by the Italian, Giovanni Scudieri. The best fleamarket in Tbilisi can be found on the bridge and surroundings: Drybridge Market

Weekly Photo Challenge: Generic

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Depth.”

"Depth" "Converge" "Descent"


I took this photo today descending the escalators of the Tsereteli Metro. This is my second entry for “Depth” and is taken in almost the same place as my first. This photo could also be used for recent challenges Converge and Descent and even Express Yourself… and maybe Friday’s challenge, too whatever that will be…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Express Yourself.”

I have many different ideas for “express yourself”: flowers laid in memory of 9 April 1989, an artist with his work, an irate taxi driver, my granddaughter Ana expressing her creativity with Lego, a swallow expressing itself in its call, some neighbours launching a fire heart into the air to express their love , a girl unable to express herself like her friends having no smartphone to hand and me expressing myself with these images (my take on the world).

There are many ways to express yourself:

Express your sorrow with flowers:


Flowers expressing sorrow at the tragedy of 9 April 1989.

2. Express yourself through art (I’ve seen lots of other entries depicting arts and crafts like this one Joy)…

punctum2 071

Artist Antonio Guerrero with his artworks.

3. Express your anger, the red mist, through expressions, hand gestures and bad language:


A taxi driver expressing himself when someone takes his parking space…luckily you don’t hear his words just witness his expression.

4. Express yourself creatively:

Ana playing with Lego

Ana expressing herself with Lego

5. Express yourself in song:


A Swallow Expressing Itself

6. Express your love with a dramatic gesture:

Launching a fire heart

Launching a fire heart to express love

Express yourself…you don’t need a smartphone to do it…

social or anti-social media?

No smartphone…no comment

Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow (II)

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Yellow.”

Some more images on the “yellow” theme. Yellow is the colour of the buses in Tbilisi. Yellow is the colour of sunlight, here both are captured in the picture.

yellow bus, yellow light

yellow bus, yellow light

Yellow Moskvitch

Yellow Moskvitch

Yellow cars are less common these days because many of the yellow paints used lead, which is harmful.


Women's Day...selling daffodils at the station.

Women’s Day…selling daffodils at the station.