Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Express Yourself.”

I have many different ideas for “express yourself”: flowers laid in memory of 9 April 1989, an artist with his work, an irate taxi driver, my granddaughter Ana expressing her creativity with Lego, a swallow expressing itself in its call, some neighbours launching a fire heart into the air to express their love , a girl unable to express herself like her friends having no smartphone to hand and me expressing myself with these images (my take on the world).

There are many ways to express yourself:

Express your sorrow with flowers:


Flowers expressing sorrow at the tragedy of 9 April 1989.

2. Express yourself through art (I’ve seen lots of other entries depicting arts and crafts like this one Joy)…

punctum2 071

Artist Antonio Guerrero with his artworks.

3. Express your anger, the red mist, through expressions, hand gestures and bad language:


A taxi driver expressing himself when someone takes his parking space…luckily you don’t hear his words just witness his expression.

4. Express yourself creatively:

Ana playing with Lego

Ana expressing herself with Lego

5. Express yourself in song:


A Swallow Expressing Itself

6. Express your love with a dramatic gesture:

Launching a fire heart

Launching a fire heart to express love

Express yourself…you don’t need a smartphone to do it…

social or anti-social media?

No smartphone…no comment

What are you looking at?

Swallow მერცხალი

Swallow მერცხალი

“One swallow doesn’t make a summer” but as its August and day time temperatures regularly hit 

40°C, I think it is definitely summer. Yesterday our windows were wide open and I heard a lot of twittering outside, on investigating I found four swallows on our laundry pole. 


Early version of Twitter

I love watching the swallows fly around but it also makes me sad, as I remember watching swallows with my late ex-wife one September in the French lake district. 

One swallow family are nesting on the third floor of our apartment block.

swallow nest

swallow nest

Capturing them in flight is more tricky, as they move so quickly.

swallow in flight (blurred)

swallow in flight (blurred)

The swallow has a high slightly mechanic “t-weet” and a twittering song uttered on the wing or on a vantage point like our laundry pole.


swallow Hirundo rustica