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Blogging Statistics

I am quite an avid follower of my blogging statistics. I have two blogs, this one and a specialist  diecast blog. Both began around the same time in November 2013.

This one is about many things but mainly for sharing my photos (especially responding to the “Weekly Photo Challenge”), reviewing books I’ve read and trying to make sense of living in a foreign land (Georgia…the language and customs etc…). This is the 207th post, the blog has 126 followers (hi y’all!). Views peaked in March and have gone down slowly since.

Blog views by month.

Blog views by month.

The diecast blog statistics are quite different. There I have made 147 posts, I have just 23 followers but the views are going up month after month.

diecast blog monthly view graph

diecast blog monthly view graph

The geographical distribution for the two blogs differs, too.

For the main blog:

  1. USA                 777 views
  2. Georgia           545
  3. UK                     502
  4. Germany             90
  5. Canada                75
  6. Philippines           65
  7. Czech Rep           65
  8. Russian Fed       53
  9. Australia             47
  10. Turkey               42
  11. Spain                 35
  12. Azerbaijan          33

A large gap between the top three and the rest.

With my diecast blog USA is still number one:

  1. USA                    780 views
  2. UK                       558
  3. Philippines           516
  4. Romania              293
  5. Australia              261
  6. Brazil                   227
  7. Georgia              185
  8. India                    160
  9. France                102
  10. Singapore             96
  11. Indonesia              95
  12. Germany               76

No surprise seeing USA and UK, first and second, but Philippines in third is interesting, I know a few Filipinos through Facebook who are very keen collectors of Hot Wheels cars. In my adopted country Georgia, there isn’t a big diecast scene.

Thanks to all my viewers and followers any comments appreciated.