Ok, I admit it, I enjoyed Eurovision last year, the show, the songs, the banter on Twitter and Facebook. I was disappointed The Linnets (Netherlands) didn’t win, but once the bearded lady got her momentum, nothing was going to stop her. Eurovision 2014.

I intend to watch again this year. Georgia’s entry “Warrior” by former model Nina Sublatti is a little scary and it is difficult to make out the words. I still hope she does well.

I haven’t heard all the songs yet but of those I have heard my favourite is funky Guy Sebastian’s “Tonight Again” from Australia. If Australia win it will be a shock for the geographically challenged. I’ve been teasing people on Youtube who ask why Australia is in Eurovision, by telling them that they won last year….yes I DO know Australia isn’t Austria (one gave us Kylie the other gave us Hitler).

Eurovision is as much about politics as the music, Armenia’s entry is blatantly drawing attention to the “Genocide” with their song “Don’t Deny” (I wonder if Turkish TV will cut to an advert break when that airs) and Russia after the booing in 2014 has a song promoting inclusivity “A Million Voices”.

The UK entry “Still in Love with You”  by Electro Velvet sounds like a song from Chicago great for a party.

The UK doesn’t have enough friends in Europe to score highly, everyone loves Sweden (even Denmark in the voting but not in football) so they’ll probably win.

Other predictions:

…and the winner was Sweden (bookies’favourite)


In my dream, I was windsurfing in the waves with some friends, they were making jumps but I couldn’t. As the dream continued I grew more confident and seeing waves combine, I was finally able to make a big jump.

Windsurfing is the only “extreme” sport, I have tried. Although I have never been out in extreme winds. I first tried in Australia in February 1988 at Frankston beach near Melbourne, it wasn’t a great success because although the waves were good the wind wasn’t, so I spent most of the time fishing my sail out of the water. Fifteen years later, I took a short Windsurfing course on a lake at  Lower Moor near Worcester.  The lake was quite shallow, and going to the centre felt like going on holiday, even if it were just for a couple of hours out of my daily schedule.

I also tried windsurfing in the sea at the resort of Bitez near Bodrum in Turkey. Although I can boast I have been windsurfing on three continents, my skills are very rudimentary. I would like to find somewhere around Tbilisi to try again…but not in January (brrrr). If you can swim 500m, I would recommend you give windsurfing a try, it is great fun.

This is this only photo, I can find of me windsurfing, unfortunately I can’t upload the photos I take in my dreams. I wonder if one day that will be possible.

This is me windsurfing at Bitez

This is me windsurfing at Bitez (June 2004)