aspirated and unaspirated letters

Georgian Language Update

February 1: My New Year’s Resolution to learn Georgian hasn’t got too far. I need far greater self discipline, motivation etc…

I have got up to Lesson 13 of Peace Corps Georgia’s Georgian Lessons on Youtube. Lesson 13 is particularly useful with the aspirated and unaspirated letters that cause me so many difficulties. There are five pairs of letters that to me sound the same but are slightly different.

An aspirated sound produces a slight waft of air coming out of your mouth and an unaspirated sound does not.

Georgian alphabet…all 33 letters.

Consider the th in thistle versus the th in this: the former is unvoiced, while the latter is voiced.

aspirated              unaspirated

თ       t                         ტ       t’

ქ         q                        კ       k

ქარი (wind)             კარი (door)

ჩ      ch                        ჭ    t’ch

ფ      p                         პ     p’

ც      ts                         წ    t’s

I’m still struggling with the differences.