Discovering the inner artist (2)

Three weeks ago, I attended my first acrylic workshop with Tako Shashiashvili (Tako Shashiashvili Art (Facebook page). The first session (Discovering the inner artist.) went well, so I was happy to attend a second workshop entitled “Delicious Painting 4”. Again we met on the top terrace ofΒ  No.21 Terrace Restaurant in Maidani in Old Tbilisi, which has a fabulous view of the old Metekhi Church on the opposite bank of the Mtkvari River.


View of the Old Metekhi Church

Tako again supplied all the necessary materials. This time we had canvases stretched on a wooden frame rather than on board.


Tako prepares my palette

I could have chosen a different view from the first time, but I was interested to see how my paintings would compare, so I tackled the same view again.


The group was smaller this time just three of us learners. In July and August many people leave Tbilisi, if they can, because of the heat. We started later (18.30 as opposed to 17.00) and I felt more time pressure than before, as the light was fading, we also had a few spots of rain.


Martin took off lickety-split and had almost covered his canvas in paint before I had even started. Taisia adopted a more measured controlled approach. It was getting dark by the time we were ready to show our finished pictures.

delicious painting 4 show

Our paintings: me, Martin, Tako and Taisia

I was happier with my earlier painting.


Painting (2 July 2017)


Painting (23 July 2017)

I think I’m happier with the first painting because the church looks better, the colours are closer to reality and it was more carefully rendered. The Metekhi church had had scaffolding erected on one side between the two painting sessions.


Metekhi Church with scaffolding

Today, I bought myself a blank canvas, so I can practise at home. I hope to have more opportunities to paint in the future, it was fun. Thanks, Tako πŸ™‚ Didi madloba.

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