Weekly Photo challenge : Wanderlust

This week’s challenge asks “Have you traveled anywhere exciting lately? ”

I love travelling.

If you look at my last two posts you will see I’ve recently visited Cappadocia in Turkey.


Khato wandering in Cappadocia

Other responses to the challenge can be seen here: Wanderlust

More about our travels in Cappadocia can be seen here: Cappadocia


  1. hello Jim, your post about Cappadocia makes me think that me and my husband Wacho should also one fine day go there. It’s an imortant place of georgian history. I am originally from Switzerland and we also live in Tbilisi. We 4 should meet one day!

    1. On Mondays at 8pm, we meet for English Conversation in the Teahouse (2 Lagidze Street) next to the Opera House. You and your husband are welcome to join us anytime.

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