Georgian Language Links

some games: Georgian language vocab games My high score : 32 (june 2016 my high score is now 392, progress as been made). (August 2016: high score 831)

You have a word and some pictures and you have to choose the correct picture for the word. ბამბა is cotton. (there are 285 words in the Georgian game).

Screenshot from 2016-02-02 14:34:44


As the game progresses there are more pictures to choose from.

Screenshot from 2016-08-10 00:04:08

831 high scoreMaster Any language : Georgian

These links are for me to find (yes, I know I could bookmark them) but if you are interested in testing your Georgian feel free to click on them.

Georgian one of the four hardest languages to learn

Why is Georgian so hard to learn?

February, a time to redo New Year’s Resolutions kind of New Year’s Resolutions version 1.2.

Georgian language games

beginner’s georgian

3 May 2017… still struggling

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