In Memoriam: David Bowie

Shortly after waking this morning, I saw an old school-friend post on Facebook  “David Bowie. RIP”. My first reaction was to ask “is this for real?” I checked the BBC website and it hadn’t broken there at that time. I Googled and saw it had been reported in the Hollywood Reporter.

The deaths of Elvis, John Lennon, Ian Curtis, Freddie Mercury, Kurt Cobain, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and just recently, Lemmy were all sad and shocking but I feel Bowie’s death more keenly.

I never saw David Bowie live. I saw Lemmy three times (once with Motorhead and twice with Hawkwind). At 69, he wasn’t particularly young, close to the three score and ten years of our allotted span. But I still feel in a state of shock.

Only yesterday, I was chatting with another friend on Facebook about Bowie’s new album “Blackstar”, which has only just come out.

The first 12″ Single I bought was “Let’s Dance“. In the mid eighties, when I used to list my favourite songs “Life on Mars” was invariably in the top five, it is such a brilliant song, I don’t have the words to express…here is a link to the video… Life on Mars

Time may change me
But I can’t trace time.

from “Changes”


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