Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less)

Here you can see other responses to the challenge : Weight(less)
One I particularly like is: Weight(less)

I have a few photos for this. The first is of a youth jumping from a pier into the Black Sea at Qobuleti. The photo freezes him at the peak of his trajectory.

High Jump

Jumping from the pier at Qobuleti


The second picture is also at Qobuleti, where paragliding is popular.


higher and higher

The third picture is on self timer, a picture of me trying to juggle four balls, a feat which soon succumbs to the pull of gravity.

juggling with ana 064

Me juggling

The final photo is of some red balloons floating in a blue sky, an image that recalls a Miro painting.


balloons after Miro


  1. All great pictures, Jim. I’m really, really bad at juggling (well, I should probably say ‘catching’) so kudos to you for the feat! 🙂

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