Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy Place “The Sea”

I don’t have one specific “happy place” but I love being by the sea, or even in the sea. As a child I was excited on car journeys when we could finally see the sea. The sea has always had a magical allure. I lived by the sea at university in Aberystwyth then again when I was in Australia in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. Now I live far from the sea (around 300km), and I miss it greatly. Our last trip to the beach was at the end of August to Qobuleti (Georgia) on the Black Sea.

in the Black Sea at Qobuleti

In the Black Sea at Qobuleti

standing on my hands in the sea

standing on my hands in the sea

Pablo Neruda, the Chilean poet and nobel laureate, wrote lovingly about the sea.

El Mar by Pablo Neruda

NECESITO del mar porque me enseña:
no sé si aprendo música o conciencia:
no sé si es ola sola o ser profundo
o sólo ronca voz o deslumbrante
suposición de peces y navios.
El hecho es que hasta cuando estoy dormido
de algún modo magnético circulo
en la universidad del oleaje.

The Sea (English translation…it is better in the original Spanish)

I need the sea because it teaches me:
I don’t know if I learn music or consciousness:
I don’t know if it’s a single wave or deep depth
or a hoarse voice or a shining
suggestion of ships and fish.
The fact is that even when I’m asleep
in some magnetic mode I move
in the university of waves.

Other interpretations of the challenge can be viewed here: Happy Place

Seems KG who I’m following also loves beaches: Happy Place (KG)


    1. The sea does have this magnetic allure, maybe because we are 67% water or our distant ancestors once crawled out of the sea. I love sitting on the beach just looking out at the waves.

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