Weekly Photo Challenge: Close Up

This week’s challenge is entitled “Close Up” (click on the link to see other interpretations).Β  I notice many other bloggers have submitted stunning photos of bees, flowers, butterflies and dewdrops. I like to be different.

P1300117My image is a close up of a candle on the verge of dying. This was taken in an Orthodox Church, where candles are bought and lit and put in sand receptacles as prayers are said. The second image is to give some context to the first.

P1300116The symbolism of candles in the Orthodox Church is described in this blogpost: The Use of Candles in the Orthodox Church by John Sanidopoulos


    1. thank you, I like looking for unusual subjects and different angles, there are lots of great shots of flowers and butterflies for this challenge, I wanted to be different.

  1. Indeed, you’re photo is different and it’s a unique perspective on something we’d otherwise miss – a candle’s last flicker. Nice shot and I love your header photo – cool shot. Have great week.

  2. Wow, I will never take these candles for granted. I really like those thin wax candles and brought home a few to give away when I visited Israel.

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