Month: June 2015

Facebook and Procrastination

What is my biggest fault?

My tendency to procrastinate.

Facebook makes this worse.

When I wake up in the morning, I get up, turn the computer on and check Facebook…

typical facebook view ... 62 notifications...

typical facebook view … 62 notifications…

I have 764 “friends”, when I joined Facebook, I collected a lot but I have been more restrained recently. Having so many friends generates inevitably many notifications, which need checking.

Then there are the games, I have enjoyed and wasted a lot of time on many games in Facebook…farmville, Song Pop, some drawing game, Scrabble, Pirate Treasures and recently Pool Live Pro…. I will get mildly addicted for a while then move onto another game…

Screenshot from 2015-06-01 09:01:32

Pool Live Pro

In the pool game I find myself playing with other procrastinators from Turkey, Albania or Serbia. I have learnt a lot of Turkish swearwords!

I spend a lot of time uploading photos to the numerous albums I have on Facebook. Sometimes an hour or two each day! I always carry my camera and when I upload the photos to my computer, I categorise them into which album or group I should post them.

Groups. That is another distraction. I am in several Facebook Groups related to diecast collecting, cars, art, comedy and a host of other subjects….

My Facebook view today (2 June 2015)

My Facebook view today (2 June 2015)

I hate to think how many hours a week I spend on Facebook but I think it is more than the time I spend actually working…I really should cut down. I’ll just have one more game of pool with some Turkish stranger….