Learning Georgian

My New Year’s Resolution was to learn Georgian again. 4 months in, I’m not making great progress :/

I find it very difficult to remember the words which are so different from English:

შერეული this is “mixed” and sounds like /she-re-uli/ how should I remember that?

The process of visualizing a concrete image that captures the meaning or the sound of a word should help remember the next time I need the word.

The seasons in Georgian are: გაზაფხული, ზაფხული, შემოდგომა and ზამთარი

Autumn = შემოდგომა … sounds like /she-mod-go-ma/

…trying to visualise a female mod going to her mother’s…I should have added some falling leaves….

autumn is shemodgoma in Georgian

autumn is shemodgoma in Georgian

Tiger in Georgian is


/vepkhvi/…which sounds nothing like anything I can visualise…but the word in Georgian has 4 trailing limbs which I can imagine are the tiger’s legs…



Spring is გაზაფხული /gaz-ap-kh-uli/ so I combine a GAZ Volga 24 with an ape and Uli…Uli is a friend who has glasses and is slightly balding…

Georgian vocabulary and doodles to jog memory

Georgian vocabulary and doodles to jog memory

That was a lot of effort for just 6 words…anyone have any better ideas?


What makes Georgian such a difficult language for foreigners?


  1. I don’t think you can ever learn a new language, especially one with a completely different alphabet, by trying to anglicize it in any way. And from personal experience you’re better off learning either the written or the spoken first, not both at once.

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