The price of war

No ruler in the history of the world has ever been able to afford a war. They’re not affordable things. No prince ever says, ‘This is my budget, so this  is the kind of war I can have.’ You enter into one and it uses up all the money you’ve got, and then it breaks you and bankrupts you.”

– an observation made by Thomas Cromwell, in “Wolf Hall” by Hilary Mantel


  1. Great post….deep and very thoughtful!! It not only breaks the bank, it ruins lives on all sides. Thanks for this post, more should read this to jog there memories and bring about change. I’m re blogging this post.

    1. I came across the quote when reading, Wolf Hall. The human cost of war is tragic and well documented but the financial cost is less so…I think the problem with wars is the Second World War clouds our judgement. The Nazis were clearly evil and had to be stopped. In other wars it is far more ambiguous who are the “good” guys….also those calling for war are often those who profit from the sale of arms, directly or indirectly (lobbyists paying politicians).

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