1. That is a lot of medals, and makes sense it was at a market.

    I saw a documentary a few days ago about African-American practitioners of martial arts, and one in particular said he threw away 600 (!) trophies he had acquired during the course of his martial arts competition career, I think to let his students and followers know it was not about the external rewards.

    1. Interesting.
      Also we see people like Prince Charles and the North Korean leader with lots of medals…and it kind of cheapens the whole medal giving exercise. I don’t collect medals…I just have one i got at the market for service in Afghanistan…a poignant reminder that outside forces (British, Soviet, American…) have been operating in Afghanistan for many years….and the country today is a mess…don’t we learn from history?

      1. On history, apparently not…we seem always to repeat it, like the saying. I hope the new leaders /government in Afghanistan will take their country in a better path…at some point, we all must get weary of this circle of destruction…

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