New Year’s Resolution 2015: Learn Georgian კიდე (again!)

My New Year’s resolution every year for the last five years has been to learn Georgian, and every year my progress has been woeful.

How can I make this time different?

Suggestions welcome.

What has stopped me before ?

  1. My laziness, learning a language is hard work, I like an easy life.
  2. My busy schedule…some days, I have too much to do, to fit in learning Georgian. But only some days. Khato, my wife, is far busier than me, but still finds time to fit in her prayers amidst all her tasks in the day. If I could spend the amount of time learning Georgian as she does praying I’d be making significant progress.
  3. Distractions (especially Facebook), I spend a lot of my spare time on Facebook (often uploading photos) or following obscure threads….that aren’t usually very important.

On January 1, we’re all in. I’m going to do it! A month, a week, or a day later, we’ve backed out.
Nowadays, the word “resolution” almost comes with the understanding that it will fizzle out by February. Better to re-frame the process and call it a goal.

Vague platitudes (“learn Georgian”) are less effective than specific directives (“I will do an exercise from Basic Georgian by Nana Danelia each day”).

Basic Georgian is currently what I am resting my laptop on.

I know where to find my copy of "Basic Georgian"

I know where to find my copy of “Basic Georgian”

Motivation research tells us that three things need to be present to sustain your fire over time: autonomy (you control what you do, rather than letting others dictate it); competence (you have some success the more you do it); relatedness (you share the experience with others). Which means: You can manufacture your own motivation by choosing an action that includes all three elements.

How’s this for a terrible irony: the more you want your goal, the less you’re likely to plan for it, according to a forthcoming paper in the journal Behavioral Science and Policy, that’s because we tend to think good intentions are enough, but an actual plan prevents procrastination. People with plans stick to their goals way more often than those who wing it.


  1. Best of luck! Hope you make a lot of strides in learning Georgian in 2015. Is it in any way similar to English? On a side note, taking a sabbatical from facebook has helped me personally :).

  2. Good luck with learning Georgian. Like you language learning (Spanish for me) is one of my NY’s resolutions and like you I am distracted continually by things on the web. My solution is to do these webby things in Spanish, join Spanish Facebook Groups, watch Spanish youtube videos etc etc. Anyway, good luck to you and you may want to add another small resolution – to post more pics of the classic cars you stumble upon on the streets of Georgia (I think that was what brought me here). Best wishes, Bob.

    1. Buena suerte. Good luck (in Spanish, I think). It is a good idea looking at webby things in Spanish. In Georgian most of the webby things seem to be about politics or religion, neither of which really interest me on the web. I post pictures of the Soviet cars I see here on a facebook forum: “Eastern Bloc Cars”. I have a separate blog for diecast cars, where I post pictures of my collection.

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