1. They are! Sometimes just one fallen leaf will have me stopped in my tracks due to its color, detail, and beauty. I sorely miss my camera when I don’t have one with me on those occasions!

      2. I have my camera always with me on a belt it is a compact, in theory so I never miss a photo opportunity….except I do…birds fly away…old cars flash past…people get in the way of my viewpoint etc… so many great photos are missed….

      3. Sigh…I agree. I do try to have my camera with me always but why is it that I see so many great shots when I’m driving and the traffic is heavy or the road has no place to pull over and park? I do believe that, just as we have bike lanes, we should have photographer lanes! 🙂 Best to you! Renate

      4. Photographer lanes are a great idea. I’m not driving at the moment. So it is much easier to stop and take a phot, but I still miss so many potentially great shots.

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