Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

This picture is me juggling, juggling three balls was an achievement, now I’m attempting to achieve further and juggle with four. Behind me is a drawing I made of singer Lauryn Hill in 2001, possibly my greatest graphic achievement. On my finger a wedding ring, after two failed marriages, I have finally found a wonderful woman with whom I wish to spend the rest of my life, five years into marriage we have yet to have an argument, which is no small achievement.

Getting the photo of me juggling was also an achievement, putting the camera on self timer and hoping to get a suitable shot (many failed).

Me juggling

Me juggling

A year of blogging is also a small achievement (this my 278th post on this blog), I will never get an Olympic Medal or a Nobel Prize but small achievements are heartening.

Other interpretations of achievement can be found here: Weekly Photo Challenge “Achievement”


  1. Very creative interpretation of this week’s challenge. That is definitely a lot of achievements, well done. I suppose each achievement had it’s own set of challenges along the way. Well done 🙂

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