Turning fifty: Marking the decades

3rd September 2014: I hit the landmark 50th birthday, a half century. It doesn’t worry me as much as 60, but it still seems a lot older than I am. I had hoped to make the Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella around now, but it didn’t happen, maybe next summer. Hindus believe when you are 50 you should make a pilgrimage, your earthly needs should have been sorted and you can focus on your soul or spiritual needs.

Marking the decades:

10… I had a party with a few friends in Slough (UK) from different areas of my life, neighbours, school or cub scouts. I knew them but they didn’t really know each other, I don’t remember a lot about it, but it wasn’t a great success. 

20 …  In the evening I went with my friend Jonathan to see Alan Hull (of Lindisfarne fame) at the Putney Half Moon in South West London. A good gig. 

30 … I celebrated in a Pakistani restaurant in Meaux, France with Chrissie, my first wife and two of our friends and students; Corinne and Bernard.

40 … I hired the local swimming pool in Worcester, UK for an hour. I had invited lots of people but only a dozen showed up and only half of those brought their swimming costumes. Not a great success….I should have learnt from my 10th birthday experience!

50 … In Kobuleti, Georgia. I visited the Princess Cafe with my current wife (hopefully till death do us part this time), Lia, her sister-in-law and Mari our niece. the food was vegan, as it was a Wednesday (following the Orthodox tradition on Wednesdays and Fridays we have no animal products). No big celebration just an enjoyable meal to mark the day. 

Celebrating my 50th Birthday in Kobuleti

Celebrating my 50th Birthday in Kobuleti

baked mushrooms

baked mushrooms

Mexican Potatoes

Mexican Potatoes

Vegan Pizza (the Mayonnaise was without eggs and there was no cheese)

Vegan Pizza (the Mayonnaise was without eggs and there was no cheese)


Will I reach 60? No plans of how I will celebrate, hopefully with Khatuna but whether in Georgia or elsewhere, who knows?


  1. Happy Birthday, Jim! I thought fifty was a grand achievement! That celebration was not especially traumatic. I thought sixties would be tougher… but then, my first grandchild was born on my birthday. ❤ ❤ I'm delighted to dream about our future celebrations! Do you think this is the ticket to forever young?!

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