Reading the ads on the Metro

My Georgian continues to make painfully slow progress. Almost everyday I take the metro and I thought that if I read the ads, it would get me more familiar with the language.

Tempo Cigarette Ad

Tempo Cigarette Ad

This is an advertisement for Tempo (ტემპო) Cigarettes. იტალიური სტილი letter for letter is italiuri stili…so that is easy “Italian Style”. In the red circle is written ახალი which means “new”.

The health warning at the bottom of the ad starts მოწევა კლავს which translates as “Smoking Kills”. A much higher percentage of Georgians smoke than most Europeans (apart from maybe Russians and Serbs). I have never smoked, I never saw the point. 

Lottery advert

Lottery advert

This ecstatic woman is all around Tbilisi advertising the lottery, something else which doesn’t interest me but I can learn the phrase “შენი ჯერია მოიგო!” which translates as “your turn to win!”

Other ads are for bank credit, phone packages and various pharmaceuticals…not especially exciting but could be useful for learning the languagel

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