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I am quite an avid follower of my blogging statistics. I have two blogs, this one and a specialist  diecast blog. Both began around the same time in November 2013.

This one is about many things but mainly for sharing my photos (especially responding to the “Weekly Photo Challenge”), reviewing books I’ve read and trying to make sense of living in a foreign land (Georgia…the language and customs etc…). This is the 207th post, the blog has 126 followers (hi y’all!). Views peaked in March and have gone down slowly since.

Blog views by month.

Blog views by month.

The diecast blog statistics are quite different. There I have made 147 posts, I have just 23 followers but the views are going up month after month.

diecast blog monthly view graph

diecast blog monthly view graph

The geographical distribution for the two blogs differs, too.

For the main blog:

  1. USA                 777 views
  2. Georgia           545
  3. UK                     502
  4. Germany             90
  5. Canada                75
  6. Philippines           65
  7. Czech Rep           65
  8. Russian Fed       53
  9. Australia             47
  10. Turkey               42
  11. Spain                 35
  12. Azerbaijan          33

A large gap between the top three and the rest.

With my diecast blog USA is still number one:

  1. USA                    780 views
  2. UK                       558
  3. Philippines           516
  4. Romania              293
  5. Australia              261
  6. Brazil                   227
  7. Georgia              185
  8. India                    160
  9. France                102
  10. Singapore             96
  11. Indonesia              95
  12. Germany               76

No surprise seeing USA and UK, first and second, but Philippines in third is interesting, I know a few Filipinos through Facebook who are very keen collectors of Hot Wheels cars. In my adopted country Georgia, there isn’t a big diecast scene.

Thanks to all my viewers and followers any comments appreciated.





  1. Curiously my blog had a peak in March too and has dropped slightly since then. However my highest stats were the last few months of last year when I was doing lots of work on my vehicles and posting regularly and spending lots of money! It seems my followers like watching my bank balance go down 😉

    I’ve been keeping a regular check on your diecast purchases. I really liked the 2CV you got the other day but forgot to leave a comment as I was interrupted at the time.

    1. The 2CV was a gift from one of my students, quite a surprise.
      I’m amused how the statistics for my two blogs are different. With both blogs I ve been posting less than i did at first but this seems to have affected the general blog but not the specialist diecast blog.
      The number of followers for the main blog is five times that of the diecast blog but gets less views. I think the reason is because more google searches bring up the specialist blog, some posts there like the post on Eaglemoss (Ferrari) are regularly getting hits.
      I don’t know much about car mechanics so sometimes the details of what you are doing to your Land Rovers go right over my head but it is still fascinating how you keep those oldtimers roadworthy.

      1. Yes, I get 90%+ of my day to day traffic from google image searches with the other 10% being regular followers. I guess this is because most of my posts are illustrated technical articles. On days that I post something the follower hits are higher. I hardly get anything from wordpress reader. In january I got 22K hits but alot of that must have been from people stealing photos because since I watermarked the images the hits are now at about 10K a month which is a huge drop!

        What you need to do to get accurate stats is to use a product like statcounter which counts actual page hits on your site. The wordpress counts are often falsified/skewed because wordpress include clicks onto your images as extra page views even though the visitor has remained on the same page. I have statcounter and that typically shows 30-40% less hits than the wordpress stats. If you have lots of pictures in your posts (such as on the diecast posts) you’ll see more hits on the wordpress stats.

        The worst thing with wordpress is the gallery picture viewer. If you create a gallery and put your pictures into it, as people scroll through the pictures in the gallery wordpress records a new page hit for every photo viewed. So if you put a gallery up with 10 photos and each visitor scrolls through all 10 pictures it records 10 page views per visitor!! Whereas statcounter records this as 1 page view which is more accurate. Advertising is based on real page views (number of times the advert was served to the user) and in the case of a page with a gallery that would be one serving of an advert no matter how many times they moved through the gallery. I have complained about this numerous times to WP but as far as I know the problem still remains. You could always try this by putting a post up with 10 photos in it on the main blog and see if the stats go up significantly on that post compared to previous picture posts. 🙂

      2. Interesting. I look at the stats for amusement really, I’m not looking at the blog to make money through advertising or anything. I find the geographical distribution of readers interesting. I blog to make sense of my world, to improve my writing and photographic skills and to meet interesting people and see what they have to write about.

  2. I don’t have advertising on my main blog, I paid to have it removed as I wanted my blog clean.

    I started my blog after really struggling to find well illustrated articles about Land Rovers and I do enjoy the feedback and making new friends through it. It can be time consuming though. The stats do however come in useful for me to help identify which are the most searched for topics and which parts of the vehicle get the most views. This means I can tailor the posts to suit what my audience wants. The most popular being the detailed technical articles about me rebuilding something from a rusty object to a gleaming as new part. The least popular are the posts I do about family life or life in general where they contain few if any pictures.

    My wife also has a blog on wordpress which she started last year and it is interesting to compare her stats to mine. Hers has 1/10th of the hits of mine however it is growing steadliy and her growth has actually been faster than mine was 3 years ago when I started it. Curiously alot of her posts are about family life. It just goes to show that writing style can really make a difference even when the content is similar.

    1. I think the difference in popularity between your post about family and your wife’s might be more about your audience than your style. You are obviously attracting car nuts who want to read about you fixing your Land Rovers, I don’t know your wife’s blog but her audience maybe more interested in family matters.
      i think my diecast blog is doing better because people know what to expect…just writing and photos of diecasts. With the other blog there might be photos or philosophy, a book review or whatever. It is like going to the newsagent and choosing between a specialist magazine and the Sunday supplement of a newspaper.

      1. Yes, that is very true and now that you’ve pointed it out it suddenly dawned on me that 99% of my followers are male whereas 99% of my wifes followers are female which may explain why posts about life and family matters are better received on her blog?

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