1. This is a good question! Watching people with their phones and IPods makes you wonder. If you think about it there is less time to talk to people one to one which limits your social skills I think. Wonder what will happen next?

  2. It’s a good question, and I don’t know the answer. Looking at this photo I remembered when I was a graduate student, the smoking people in my building got together outside smoking, talking, and the ones that didn’t smoke, like me, were isolated inside the building, doing our things. But the smokers needed a time to go out and be social. I think is the same with the smartphones, the games, instagram…. bring people with the same interest together.

    1. Social Media is certainly changing the way we socialise, and our network of friends may be spread out globally….although we risk alienating those closer to us geographically if we are constantly with our facebook friends, Twitter friends, WordPress friends etc….

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