Photos of Tbilisi in the Rain

It is usually great to have bright sunshine for crisp clear photos. I certainly appreciate the brighter sunnier weather in Georgia, compared to the UK. But when it rains, there is the potential to snap some great impressionistic shots as people rush for shelter.


  1. I like the one with the woman in the black dress, who seems to be completely unimpressed by the rain. And the question is: did you get wet?

    1. I got a little wet, but I took these from under the shelter of the metro station….I watched people get off the bus and dash to the shelter…most ran but some like the girl in black just sauntered calmly to shelter…

  2. My favourite is also the woman in the black dress. You get a real sense of what she is feeling simply from the body language. My second favourite is the girl with the umbrella which has a bit of everything going for it in terms of action and atmosphere 🙂

    1. I had fun taking these photos. Many didn’t work, but that is the advantage of digital there is no wasting of film. Even if only five shots are good in a hundred it is still a result.Each type of weather has its interest, but I appreciate the greater number of bright sunny days here compared to Worcester (UK)where I used to live.

      1. Yes digital is great especially for documenting the Land Rover refurbishments. I doubt I would spend out on film just for taking lots of pictures of rusty components!

        The rain is pretty bad all over the UK. We live in North Lincolnshire and it has rained so often that I’ve hardly got any work done on the vehicles in two years. We have had a good run of sunny weather now for about 4 weeks but rather annoyingly each weekend when I am not working has seen rain and yet on return to work on Monday the sun has come back out again.

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