1. the exchange seemed relatively good humoured, there was no shouting…the gypsy children are usually in groups along the street…I have recently read “Gypsy Boy” (reviewed on the blog) about the interaction between Gypsy and Gorgia (non-Gypsies)…the Gypsies in the book regarded non-Gypsies as fair game for scamming or cheating. There is a lot of distrust on both sides.

      1. We have our fair share of Gypsy problems here in Czech Republic, too. So I can imagine. But here I think if this was going on on a regular basisi on some street let’s say in Prague, the Police would definitely interfere and make stop to it. People wouldn’t just idly tolerate it and would pick up the phone to call Police. It;s no wonder non-gypsy population is regarded a fair game by them if they allow them to walk all over their heads and don’t even blink an eye. That gives the gyspy courage and approval in their actions and things might even escalate. just my opinion. 🙂 Peace!

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