100th Post

I feel I should make a special post to mark my 100th post on this blog, but I’m not feeling especially inspired. I could reflect back on the previous 99 blog posts. Maybe, I’ll just post an eclectic mix of photos I took, yesterday around Tbilisi.

P1090344Many trees in the city have an unusual shape being regularly cut back.


The flag of the Orthodox Church displayed on a balcony, typical of Tbilisi, where balconies and symbols of the Orthodox Church abound.

P1090350A GAZ Volga 24, still many of these around, although now outnumbered by BMWs and Mercedes.

P1090351A back street in the prestigious suburb of Vake.

P1090353Construction happening around the city is encouraging, demonstrating hope for the future. The lack of safety equipment used by construction workers is worrying. It is a dangerous job.

001Tbilisi at night: Nariqala Fortress and Metekhi Church

Thank you all who follow this blog (50 of you so far) and all my readers. I’m still not sure where this blog is going but the journey is interesting. Your likes and comments are always welcome.

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