Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes


Renault 16 TS, Ghia L6.4 and Jaguar E Type

In a nutshell, a three-picture story is a way to help you think about storytelling with images. To create a three-picture story, gather:

  1. An establishing shot: a broad photo of your subject.
  2. A relationship: two elements interacting with one another.
  3. A detail: a close-up of one part of your subject.



The brief stumped me, so I just took some photos of these three lovely old Corgi cars. There is a terrific nostalgia buzz with these models, the Ghia I found in a antique/junk shop in York in 2011. The Renault and the Jaguar, I found to my surprise at Drybridge market in Tbilisi, the local fleamarket. The models were all made in Great Britain in the mid to late sixties (probably at the Mettoy factory in Swansea).

jaguar E type

Corgi Jaguar E-Type 2+2



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