Reading in Georgian: ჭრიჭინა და ჭიანჭველა

ჭრიჭინა და ჭიანჭველა or “The Grasshopper and the Ant” is a tale of two insects.


ჭრიჭინა და ჭიანჭველა (The Grasshopper and the Ant)

The grasshopper has a carefree attitude; spending the days singing and lazing around. The ant is hard working storing up grain for the Winter ahead.

the ant and the grasshopper 002

ჭიანჭველა კი მუშაობდა The ant worked.

The story is quite predictable, the winter comes and the ant is warm and has plenty to eat, whilst the grasshopper is shivering from cold and hungry.

the ant and the grasshopper 003

It all ends happily with the ant inviting the grasshopper in out of the cold and the grasshopper promising to work the following Summer.

I hope I will reach a level soon where I can read more interesting books. These book have nice illustrations but the stories aren’t exactly page-turners.

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