Microincidents…every day there are small things, which are different from the norm…we go about our daily routine mechanically and we see something or hear something, which we aren’t expecting, maybe something we haven’t seen before.

Sunday: I saw a bearded man accompanied by a child of about ten, rip an advertsing poster off a metro carriage advertising board.

Monday: I saw a dead cat by the side of the road 😦

Tuesday: The escalator on the metro stopped, at first people looked around, as though they were wondering what had happened to their reality and then they started walking down.

Wednesday: a large old woman in front of me couldn’t get onto the bus unaided, with other passengers I had to help push/pull her on.

Today: let’s see what happens…

This post I am leaving as “uncategorized” as I don’t want this to be a broken link.




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